Reviews from our Clients

  • Tyler 18/07/2019

    Helpful friendly staff, quick collection and return process . I would recommend them and use them again.

  • White 18/07/2019

    The Opel Adam was the best car from helle hollis that I have driven of all the the cars have rented over recent years, big or small. Great gearbox, smooth road holding, Easy, simple internal accessories. Great for two people. Excellent luggage space with rear seats down.

  • Soerboeen 18/07/2019

    Excellent service

  • Hutchinson 18/07/2019

    Excellent company, always a quick and efficient service

  • Ash 18/07/2019

    have a holiday house in Mijas and have been coming to Costa Del Sol since I was a child . I have used many other car rental companies on Costa Del Sol until discovering Helle Hollis about 5 years ago. Now I would not use any other car rental. They are efficient and reliable and their customer service is fantastic! You may find what you think is a cheaper deal but you will pay the price for it and most probably be waiting in a long queue before you even get to the desk! This never happens with Helli HOLLIS and all the cars are good quality with proper wheels!

  • Vanhulle 17/07/2019

    I would recommend Helle Hollis, friendly, correct and reasonable prices.

  • Moeller 17/07/2019

    I normally rent cars with the global car rental companies, but I recently had some bad experiences with these, so on our trip to Malaga in July 2029, I tried Helle Hollis instead. And I must say that they exceeded my expectations. The prices are fair, I got an insurance with no self deductible, the car was great, and the staff was friendly and service minded. So if you are looking for a hassle-free car rental with competitive prices, then try Helle Hollis the next time you rent a car in Malaga. I will definitely use them again.

  • Bakker 17/07/2019

    Beyond other Car Rental companies in the area regarding their services. Excellent service

  • Jim 16/07/2019

    I have been using Helle Hollis for over 20 years and yet again the service, the staff the condition of the cars have all been excellent

  • Parker 16/07/2019

    The whole process of booking, picking up, arranging the contract and dropping off the car was very straightforward and quick. I have had bad experiences in the past; long queues, insurance rip offs, fuel rip off etc, but I experienced none of these issues with Helle Hollis.

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