Rental Terms and Conditions

The all inclusive rate includes:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • CDW (collision damage waiver) - subject to excess unless excess waiver taken
  • TP (third party) liability
  • Theft (subject to excess unless excess waiver taken)
  • 24 hour on the road assistance
  • No cancellation fee
  • VAT

The CDW and Theft are subject to an insurance excess as outlined in our general insurance terms. The insurance excess deposit will be charged upon your credit card at the time of rental and returned to your credit card upon safe return of the vehicle.

Excess deposit:

Group B, C, D, Q, N:500€
Group E, S, SUV, SUV XL, P, G, O:600€
Group F, T, M, R:700€
Group J:750€
Group K:850€
Group L:900€
Group H:1000€

As an alternative to the insurance excess we can offer you an excess waiver as follows:

  • Grp. B, C, D: 7 €/day
  • Grp. E, S, P, SUV, SUV XL, N, O, G, Q: 8 €/day
  • Grp. F, J, T, M, R: 9 €/day
  • Grp. K: 10 €/day
  • Grp. H, L: 12 €/day

For 1 and 2 day rentals a 3 day Excess Waiver must be paid. Not available for group H.

The excess waiver also includes a cancellation insurance so that should you need to return the car early we will issue you with a credit voucher for the remaining rental, provided that there are at least 3 days’ rental remaining.

The super excess waiver will be 2 €/day in addition to the excess waiver. The super excess waiver covers damages on undercarriage / engine sump, clutch, windows, tyres, wheel trims, loss of car keys and also includes a PAI (Personal accident insurance) with free medical attention in case of an accident

The renter will be held responsible for any damages occasioned to the vehicle thorugh unauthorized use.

We cannot guarantee a specific model.


Helle Hollis delivers the vehicle with a full tank of fuel which you must pay for upon arrival. When you return the vehicle we will refund you for every unused quarter of a tank.


There applies a night service fee of 20€ for pick up or return of the rental car between 00:00-07:00. If the airplane lands before midnight no night service fee will be applied. The landing time is taken as the time given on the Spanish Airport site AENA.


Many car hire companies do not allow young persons to rent a car but with the Helle Hollis Young Drivers’ Insurance we now make it possible.

Our Young Driver’s Insurance is available for the rental of cars in group B. For bigger car groups than group B the young driver must be on the contract as an additional driver provided that the main driver fulfills the normal age requirements. For drivers of 19 & 20 years of age the Young Driver’s Insurance is available for group B, C and D and for drivers of 21 & 22 years of age for groups E, Q, S and K. The charge is in addition to the Insurance excess. Not combinable with the Excess Waiver.


We don’t have an upper age limit at Helle Hollis, however drivers of 85 years of age or over must purchase our Senior Driver’s Insurance.